Nearpod is here to save the day!

posted Feb 26, 2015, 10:07 AM by Mindi Vandagriff   [ updated Feb 26, 2015, 10:14 AM ]
This month, I have had the extreme pleasure of introducing Nearpod to our staff during the February Lunch & Learns. And if the app alone didn't sell itself, I was also able to give out these super-fancy 3-in-1 pens! Thank you, Nearpod

It didn't take long for Nearpod to catch on! Here are just a few of its features:
  • Will work on ANY device that can access the Internet
  • Available in the Apple app store (for Apple devices), the Google Play store (for Android devices), and the Windows store (for Windows devices)
  • Account is linked to Google account so there's no need to create a new account
  • Presentations are easy to create 
  • Powerpoint and PDF files can be converted into Nearpod presentations simply by uploading the file into Nearpod
  • Students will be instantly engaged by the Draw It, Video, Audio, Poll, Quiz and many other interactive features
If you missed the Lunch & Learn, you can click here to see resources I've provided including a Cheat Sheet! But you completely missed out on the Nutter Butters...

Maybe it was the contest-announcement for the three Gold licenses, maybe it's because Nearpod is totally rad, but whatever it was... it was contagious! Teachers were sending me all sorts of photos of their students using and LOVING Nearpod! 


Mrs. Gonzalez' High School Physics Class
Mrs. Gonzalez learned about Nearpod during the high school Lunch & Learn, which is 4th period. These pictures were taken during 6th period on the SAME DAY! She went back to her room from the Lunch & Learn, converted a Powerpoint presentation she was going to originally show into a Nearpod presentation, and had her students use their own devices to view the presentation. Students were saying things like, "This is really cool!" and "Can we please use this again tomorrow?"


Miss Maxwell's Kindergarten Class
Miss Maxwell's interest was peaked about Nearpod during the Lunch & Learn and immediately scheduled a brainstorming conference so that we could come up with a way to use Nearpod in with her kindergarteners. Since the students had been learning about the -ake word family, she decided that Nearpod would be a great way to make her lesson interactive. 


Mrs. Robinson's 4th Grade Math Classes
Mrs. Robinson was excited to use Nearpod with her math classes. She is always looking for ways to make math word problems and calculations more interactive & engaging and Nearpod was here answer! She turned a boring worksheet into an interactive opportunity for students to show what they know!


Mrs. Pratt's 4th Grade Reading Classes
Mrs. Pratt had used Nearpod previously, but was thankful to be introduced to some of Nearpod's new features, especially the ability to be used on ANY device. While Mrs. Pratt has nearly 80 4th grade students, she definitely has a shortage of devices for those students. She allows students to bring their own devices everyday. So when she was ready to share her Nearpod presentation, students used the device they were most familiar with... their own! Look at all those different devices!

Ms. Garner's 2nd Grade Class
Ms. Garner has been looking to differentiate instruction with her second graders to maximize her time and her students' learning. She saw Nearpod as the perfect opportunity to do just that!

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